May 2-5, 2022
Booth 519

Imagine the future of coding audits with best-in-class AI

Semantic Auditor uses proprietary machine learning models, tuned to your unique patient population to complete secondary reviews and prioritization of all coded and claims data with reference to source clinical data. This helps providers streamline pre-bill coding and revenue integrity audits to reduce coding errors, limit denials, and optimize reimbursements.

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Poster Presentation | May 4 from 10:45 to 11:30

Implementing AI for CDI: Lessons Learned

Ensuring the completeness, consistency, organization, and accuracy of medical records is at the heart of data quality initiatives. Today, however, most health information management (HIM) teams are reliant on manual processes or out-of-date software to meet these objectives. Improving clinical documentation, coding, and reimbursement is inherent to the overall success of provider operations, and so, it is in the best interest of health systems to prioritize their HIM teams and enable them to maximize efficiency and prioritize data quality improvements. To do so, innovation is essential.

In this poster presentation, Semantic Health will review how leading hospitals are significantly improving clinical documentation and coding processes across major hospitals by employing its proprietary AI to automate secondary reviews of all coded and claims data.

Automate the secondary review of medical claims with Semantic Auditor and earn 5x ROI

100% of claims data is audited

Identify all opportunities to improve coding and reduce denials as they emerge with a comprehensive review.

Complete Coverage of Claims Data

3x faster audit process

Focus your attention to the exact location in the documentation requiring review with explainable AI.

Explainable AI Suggestions

50% increased audit yield

Flag common coding and documentation error patterns to build higher impact data quality improvement programs.

Data-Driven Audit Insights

Ready to revamp coding audits?

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