Next-generation medical coding & auditing with AI

Streamline your manual inpatient coding and auditing processes, improve coding and documentation quality, and unlock your team to focus on high-value work.

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Semantic Health drives real improvement at leading hospitals. The proof is in the numbers.

The proof is in the numbers.


more efficient coders and auditors


more data quality improvement opportunities


pre-billing audit coverage

Save time and optimize your revenue cycle by adding AI to labour-intensive inpatient medical coding and auditing processes

By using AI, medical coders and auditors are able to do their job better and faster. This helps save hospitals time and money, ensuring that they can keep up with the increasing pressure on HIM departments.

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Revenue Integrity

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Data Quality

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Here’s where Semantic Health can help you

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Data Quality Auditing

Double check 100% of coded data pre-bill or submission

Empower your team to identify high-impact revenue and quality opportunities across coding and CDI in under 10 minutes. Semantic Health audits your coded charts pre-bill to validate, identify, and further specify diagnosis and procedure codes with respect to the clinical documentation, and continuously prioritizes cases with the highest impact.

Medical Coding

Transform your coding team’s workflow with AI-powered coding

Supercharge your coders by significantly reducing time to code with automatic chart summaries and code suggestions, and a unified workflow with all-in-one integration to coding tools, the EHR, and your billing system. Semantic Health reviews patient charts before they are coded to identify the most relevant diagnosis and procedure codes, providing a full evidence trail back to the documentation.

Humber River Hospital uses Semantic Health to improve HIM efficiency & accuracy

Our intelligent medical coding and auditing platform offers Humber River Hospital coders and auditors the additional support they need to boost efficiency and ensure data quality.

The platform integrates directly with the hospital's EMR to ingest the clinical documentation and start offering (1) autocoding suggestions and then (2) AI auditing suggestions. All suggestions are linked directly to the documentation in one user interface, so that HIM professionals can do their work faster and without having to consult multiple sources.

Semantic Health is leading the AI charge in coding & auditing

Medical coding and auditing are the financial and operational backbone of every healthcare provider. But, the quality of market-leading software does not match the importance of the task. Unfortunately, it has left many providers using manual, error-prone, and expensive software to complete important coding and auditing work. We believe that our healthcare systems deserve better.

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Our Technology

Our platform uses custom clinical AI and NLP algorithms, trained on millions of records by our world-class AI team, to parse through clinical and coded data.

This allows our coding and auditing engines to better understand nuanced clinical context, incorporate changing coding guidelines and rules, and suggest high quality coding and auditing opportunities with clear evidence back to the clinical documentation.

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Their Technology

Other vendors offering traditional computer-assisted coding or auditing tools typically use rules-based or expert-curated heuristics –not true AI.

This approach cannot truly understand clinical documentation or coding context and can lead to numerous false positives. This can slow your team down by suggesting codes not supported by the documentation or leave your team spending significant time validating the auditing opportunity within the documentation.

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American Hospitals

Semantic Health offers American hospitals and health systems a supercharged inpatient auditing platform for a 100% pre-bill review of claims data.

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Canadian Hospitals

Semantic Health offers Canadian hospitals an AI-powered HIM platform that auto-suggests codes and reviews 100% of coded data for quality.

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Future-proof your HIM team with Semantic Health

Contact us to see the platform in action and to learn more about how it can transform your coding and auditing processes.

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Increase Data Quality

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Unlock Pre-Billing Coverage

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Optimize Reimbursements

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Improve Compliance

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