We're making unstructured health data actionable by transforming the revenue cycle

Semantic Health intervenes in medical coding and auditing to make unstructured healthcare data actionable. This actionable data layer will power various solutions across the provider ecosystem that improve operational efficiencies, care delivery, and population health management.

Current coding and auditing process are broken

Legacy Software

Medical coding and auditing are the financial and operational backbone of every healthcare provider. But, the quality of market-leading software does not match the importance of the task. Unfortunately, it has left many providers using manual, error-prone, and expensive software to complete important coding and auditing work.

Inefficient Workflows

Current processes require specialists to comb through hundreds and sometimes thousands of pages of complex clinical documentation to identify relevant information, map key clinical events, and appropriately code diagnoses and treatments. The complex and inefficient workflow design puts medical coders and auditors under significant time constraints and pressure.

These Broken Processes Cost Health Providers


Medical coding and auditing is a multi-billion dollar problem. Billing errors cost health providers payments and threaten revenue cycle integrity.

operational efficiency

Medical coder shortages lead to extreme chart backlog, expensive overtime bills, and low quality work-life balance for employees.

Inability to use AI 
for new use cases

Data cannot be used to power further analytics around population health management, clinical research, and care delivery.

A unified platform to fix coding and auditing

Semantic Health has worked with stakeholders across North America to develop a proprietary solution that unifies coding and auditing workflows with AI powered insights. With our platform, healthcare providers improve clinical documentation as it is created by automatically assigning medical codes based on clinical evidence, identifying data quality deficiencies, and generating a longitudinal patient narrative.

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Improve operational efficiency

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Increase reimbursements

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Future-proof coding workflows

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Build the foundation for AI

Semantic Health Is Uniquely Situated to Solve This Problem

The Semantic Health team leverages the best AI talent with senior medical coding, auditing, and clinical expertise. By bridging these disciplines, Semantic Health has built a team that is uniquely qualified to tackle the challenge of unstructured clinical documentation in healthcare with recent inflections in state-of-the-art technologies.

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Our Mission

We are on a mission to improve care delivery and operational efficiencies by transforming the use of unstructured data in healthcare within the revenue cycle.

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Our Vision

We are using our AI solutions to help hospitals across North America achieve their mission of providing world-class care and operational excellence.

Enabled Usecases

Coding/auditing automation

Audit and compliance readiness

Value-based care enablement

Population health management

Clinical decision support

Prior authorization automation

Cohort identification

Real-world evidence generation

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