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and we are on a mission to improve care delivery and operational inefficiencies by transforming the use of unstructured data in healthcare within the revenue cycle.

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Providers need a solution to unlock unstructured data and prevent massive revenue cycle, operational, and care delivery bottlenecks.

Semantic Health improves critical medical coding and auditing processes to make unstructured healthcare data more actionable across the organization. This actionable data layer powers various solutions across the provider ecosystem that improve operational efficiencies, care delivery, and population health management.

The Problem

Legacy Software
Expensive market-leading software has left many providers using manual, error-prone tools to complete mission-critical coding and auditing work.

Inefficient Workflows
Specialists have to comb through complex clinical documentation to identify relevant information, map key clinical events, and appropriately code diagnoses and procedures, causing significant time constraints and pressure.

A problem under a magnifying glass

The Problem

The Consequences

Compromised Revenue Integrity
Coding and documentation errors cost health providers millions and threaten revenue cycle integrity.

Decreased Operational Efficiency
Low capacity leads to backlogs, significant overtime, and attrition for specialist employees.

Inability to Utilize Data for AI
Low-quality clinical and coded data cannot be easily used to power further analytics, like population health management and decision support.

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The Consequences

The Solution

A unified platform to transform coding and auditing

Semantic Health has worked with stakeholders across North America to develop and deploy a proprietary clinical AI engine that unifies coding and auditing workflows with AI powered insights. With our platform, healthcare providers improve coding and auditing processes by automatically assigning medical codes based on clinical evidence, identifying data quality deficiencies, and generating a longitudinal patient narrative.

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The Solution

We transform the revenue cycle by making unstructured health data actionable

Years ago, when Dr. Nicola Sahar went to medical school, he believed that patient care was all about medicine. However, he quickly learned that inefficiencies in healthcare operations were impacting patients well before and after they arrived at the hospital.

Every year, health systems spend billions in financial resources to manually structure clinical data into formats that can be used for reimbursement, decision-making, and analytics—like converting physician notes (unstructured data) to medical codes (structured data). However, they are doing so in error-prone and inefficient ways, using large teams of specialists equipped with legacy tooling. 

Consequently, hospitals today cannot fundamentally use their data to improve care and operational delivery. Semantic Health is on a mission to change that.

Backed by top investors, including DCVC, Preface Ventures, and Polar Venture Partners, Dr. Sahar assembled a world-class team of medical coders and auditors, technologists, and designers to tackle this problem head on.

Together, we built and deployed an AI-powered platform to help coders and auditors do their work faster and more effectively, enabling more actionable unstructured health data across the hospital.

Our products, underpinned by industry-leading clinical AI, are being used by hospitals across North America to transform the way they structure and utilize their most valuable data assets. And we are just getting started.

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