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Tailor the Semantic Health Information Platform to your organization's needs. You can unlock the full benefits of Semantic Coder and Semantic Auditor in one convenient and easy-to-use interface. Or, you can use the coding or auditing softwares on their own.

Semantic Coder

✔️ AI software reviews patient charts as they are created

✔️ Medical codes are automatically suggested for coder approval

✔️ Access a clear evidence trail in the documentation for suggested codes

✔️ Patient summaries, code suggestions, and all other tools are accessible in one interface

✔️ Simple charts are automatically coded

✔️ Long and complex charts are significantly streamlined

Semantic Auditor

✔️ AI software audits coded charts to determine if assigned codes are supported by the clinical documentation

✔️ Auditors are directed to the exact location in the documentation requiring review

✔️ AI software is compatible with charts from your team or an external vendor

✔️ Insights can be used to spin up new data-driven, high-quality, and relevant clinical documentation improvement programs

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