Semantic Health Launches its Medical Coding & Auditing Platform Validated at Leading Hospitals

Expertise in AI, medicine, and medical coding put Semantic Health in the best position to transform medical coding and auditing while enabling actionable use of clinical data.

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Most Common Coding Issues That Are Not Caught in Audits

In an experiment with two large hospitals, we used AI to identify documentation errors that were missed in audits. The results emphasized that hospitals have tremendous room for improvement in their auditing practices.

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What Concurrent Coding Means for Your Hospital

Real-time patient record review is becoming increasingly common because it aligns physician, coder, and CDI workflows and can help achieve revenue cycle efficiency. By using retrospective reviews following patient discharge, healthcare providers are missing out.

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Next Generation Computer Assisted Coding: From Rules to Machine Learning

Almost every medical coder has heard that Computer-Assisted Coding (CAC) will replace them in the near future. New evolutions in technology show that this might not be the case. Instead, next-generation CAC has the potential of augmenting coding workflows to let coders focus on high-value, high-complexity charts.

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